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Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage $70
As the best-known type of bodywork performed today, one of the primary goals of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. This is accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. 

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage $75
An ancient Indian Ayurvedic oil massage therapy for healing and detoxifying Body, Mind and Spirit. This ayurvedic detox and stress reduction therapy is performed by herbal oils. It incorporates an aromatic combination of oils prepared with warmed and blended herbs.

Deep Tissue Massage $75
Similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).

Hot Stone Massage $85
A form of massage therapy that follows the same principles of Swedish Massage with the addition of heated stones, which helps lead to deep relaxation. Adding heat to specific areas on the body enhances the feelings of relaxation and peace.

Medical Massage $85
Result oriented massage in which the treatment is specifically directed to resolve conditions that have been diagnosed and prescribed by a Physician. The therapist may use a variety of modalities or procedures during the treatment, but will focus the Medical Massage treatment only on the areas of the body related to the diagnosis and prescription.

Raindrop Therapy $80

9 essential oils are applied to the reflexogy points on the feet and along the spine to reduce inflammation, soothe nerves, improve concentration, relieve tension, improve immune function, support circulatory and lymphatic systems, and relax voluntary and involuntary muscles.  *This therapy is strictly adhered to under the guidelines of its founder, Dr. Gary Young.

Sports Massage $80
Ideal to treat injuries and as well as a preventative treatment dealing with the health of muscle and connective tissue, range of movement, tone, symmetry, balance of muscle and quality of posture.

Thai Full Body or Thai Foot Massage $70
Uses acupressure and stretching techniques to relax the body. It has been known to lower stress, boost energy, relieve headaches, stimulate

circulation, and improve range of motion. 

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