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Essential Oil Raindrop Technique

This wonderful technique combines reflexology, aromatherapy and massage to gently support and balance the body in a gentle relaxing application and is safe for all members of the family.  Nine essential oils are applied in layers to the feet and spine, penetrating at a cellular level, and aligning the energy centers of the body.  

Essential Oils used during this technique include:

Valor- Cleanses, aligns and balances the energy field

Oregano- Attacks bacteria and viruses

Thyme- Attacks bacteria and viruses

Basil- Anti-spasmodic and headache relief

Cypress- Increases circulation and supports lymphatic systems

Wintergreen- Anti inflammatory, anti spasmodic and analgesic (pain reliever)

Marjoram- Relaxes muscles, soothes nerves, useful for migraines

Peppermint- Anti spasmodic, improves mental focus

Aroma Siez- Relaxing  soothing tension relief

Raindrop technique supports the immune system, can relieve back issues and helps to create balance and harmony in the body.  It is a great detoxifier and can help eliminate symptoms associated with the cold and flu by creating an environment that is not hospitable to these foreign invaders.

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