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Reams Saliva and Urine Test

Dr. Dawn uses the urine/saliva screening in her consultation sessions to help determine the cause of energy loss in her clients. This test identifies which foods and/or supplements should be added to an individual's diet to support their unique body chemistry.  The primary objective of this test is to educate clients about their body’s processes in order to correct the cause of any body malfunction and eliminate symptoms.

The Dr. Carey Reams’ Urine and Saliva Test is a non-invasive test of urine and saliva, providing valuable information about the bio-chemical imbalances in the body and where energy is being lost.

Reasons for health complaints will be shown and a program for correction will be provided.

What does the test show us?

  • Determines calcium needs for your body chemistry

  • Tells what you are digesting or not digesting

  • Tells if your body is assimilating nutrients

  • Shows vitamin and mineral deficiencies

  • Reveals if blood sugar is high, low or normal

  • Will show if your body is supporting excess yeast (candida) or parasites

  • Indicates if  there is excess stress on internal organs such as the kidneys,

    liver, heart, colon or gall bladder

  • Gives the health level of the liver and gall bladder


The test can also be an indicator of...

  • circulatory problems

  • high blood pressure

  • low blood pressure

  • arthritis

  • weight gain

  • high cholesterol

  • kidney/gall stones

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